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Wednesday, November 30

Frou Frou - Psychobabble

Frou Frou PsychobabbleFrou Frou. We never knew you. This band was a collaboration between the vocals of Imogen Heap and the production of Guy Sigsworth. Their music, though well received, flopped pretty badly, and they disbanded the project to concentrate on on other musical attempts. Then the movie Garden State, directed by Zach 'Zac' Braff, comes along and features the song 'Let Go'. Everyone piles onto the internet looking for them and finds their site and the news of their untimely demise (artistically). Anyways. That's the history. Psychobabble is one of their darkest songs, but is still accessible, with a beautiful Indian strings instrumental break. Try Frou Frou. Though we're unlikely to get any new material from them, we can still appreciate what they produced when they were around. Some lyrics:

If love is surrender / Then whose war is it anyway? / Do just what I tell you / And no one will get hurt / Don't come any closer / 'Cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two
P.S. Another one of their songs, Maddening Shroud might be a lovely song for your Christmas party playlist. Just a little tip from your friendly play new songs (it has some lovely bells in it).

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