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Monday, April 25

Coldplay: Speed of Sound

Rock / Uh-oh. Coldplay are back, and it doesn't look good. In all honesty, they were never the most immediately rousing band. I am actually a huge fan but the song is initially uninspiring (only three listens so far though). I remember thinking the same thing about 'In My Place' before the last album came out, then being blown away when I heard the LP. Hoping for the same this June...

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Tuesday, April 19

The White Stripes: Blue Orchid

Rock / Jack and Meg are back, and you may be tempted to ask whether they were ever gone. It's only taken them six months to dump out another album (allegedly recorded in two weeks), which kind of reminds me of those kids in class who would get As on every homework without trying. Anyway, the first single off the album (which will be called Get Behind Me Satan) is Blue Orchid and it rawks. Obviously.

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Friday, April 15

M.I.A.: 10 Dollar

Urban / Ok so I could suggest any track from M.I.A.'s album, Arular, but let's start with this one. The first few times you will hear only the beats and the addictive chant at the end ("what can I get for ten dollar? anyfink you want"); after that you will notice the words as this song matures like a fine malt. Or something. Anyway, grab it.

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Sunday, April 10

Kaiser Chiefs: Everyday I Love You Less & Less

Rock / The Kaiser Chiefs release another song and try to get us to listen. Why will we not listen? It's rock with a little bit of electronica thrown in there for shits n giggles. It's foot-tap inducing and has a great chorus that you will hate after humming it to yourself four hundred times in one morning. Go get!

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Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake: Signs

Rap / Snoop's new song reintroduces Justin Timberlake to the pop scene. And he's swearing. This is what happens if you hang around with Gs. The song aint breaking ground by any means, but I was head-bopping after the first bar. And anything is better than that damn Mariah track.

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