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Sunday, July 31

Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

cater 2 uHip-Hop / Man alive. OK so yes, that is a grab of the video for the new Destiny's Child song "Cater 2 U". And yes, they are naked. The first few times you see this video, you will fail to listen to the music, as your brain instead tries to understand how pornography got onto your daytime TV. The song is a has possibly the most ridiculous chorus of all time ("I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner, Your Dessert, And So Much More") and after all that 'independent women' stuff, I though this was a huge joke and that they were going to suddenly break a guy's balls or at least do a couple of high-kicks. Something. But no, they want to cater 2 u and that's about it. Check the nudity below.

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Tuesday, July 26

Gorillaz - DARE ft. Sean Ryder

Hip-Hop / We so got over the totally gay "we're cartoons, how crazy is that" hurdle and with their latest album, the Gorillaz have shown that they are one of the most inventive hip-hop acts out right now. Seriously. Get the album then flame us. This is one of the two best songs on the album (other one to be featured here soon). It is a little wasp of a song, crackling with energy. Is hip-pop a term? This is the definition. Check the official site, below.

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Thursday, July 21

Teairra MarĂ­ - Make Her Feel Good

RnB / Teairra MarĂ­ is Jay-"I thought you were retiring"-Z's latest signing, the little miss adding only a few kgs to the growing Roc-a-village. She is 17, and sounds good without sounding like she's trying or cares. The track is pretty tight, check the short clip below.

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