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Tuesday, December 27

R. Kelly feat. Sean Paul & Akon - "Slow Wind (Remix)"

R Kelly R. Kelly ain't ever going away Just forget it. It doesn't matter what the hell he may or may not do, or who he may or may not marry, he'll always be around. Even if he's not there, he'll be writing half the songs on the chart. And he's back, this time with Sean 'Dutty' Paul and Akon 'I don't have a second name because I'm that cool', for a crazy six-legged r&b race to the end of the song. Of course, the point about these races is that you're tied together with rope so you end up falling over. No one wins. Especially not the public who have been forced to watch three grown men crying on the still-dewey grass of a suburban lawn. Let's get to the lyrics:

With all that meat hangin' girl, I feel like a butcha,
Just wanna chop you up and cut ya.
What's that about? Have they run out of ways to put words together to make a rap? "Just wanna chop you up and cut ya"? These three are nuttier than a bag of Planters.

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Beyonce feat. Slim Thug - Check On It

Beyonce KnowlesUh oh, these two aren’t going to be happy. First, “Stand Up For Love” the first track from Destiny’s Child’s final album (#1's) bombs in the charts. Then Beyonce decides to release this, solo, which is climbing up the ratings like an agile climber with the latest crampons. Not the best of Beyonce tracks, it still beats DC’s latest effort, not to mention their foray into, um, burlesque. Losing hope that you’ll ever top ‘Crazy in Love’, B...

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Eminem - When I'm Gone

Eminem When I'm GoneUm, he's back again. Again. In this track, reminicent of 'Mockingbird', Slim Shady is telling his daughter, Hallie how to behave when he's dead. A bit morbid, really. I wonder what she's going to think of being included in a bunch of her dad's work without being asked. Maybe she'll DISOWN HIM and become a rap starlet, airing her family troubles in a song and the whole thing will become beautifully symmetrical.

And when I’m gone, just carry on don’t mourn,
rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I’m lookin’ down on you smiling
And I didn’t feel a thing so baby don’t feel no pain, just smile back

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Wednesday, November 30

Feist - One Evening

Feist One EveningI have to post this song because it has one of the coolest videos ever. In it, Feist and a partner (Buck 65) dance though three minutes of beautiful choreography. The song is about a couple who meet and their relationship begins and ends in One Evening. Feist has a wonderful, distinctive voice. And she is a lovely dancer. Check out the video on waxy.org, but you might fall in love with her white tights. Just a warning.

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Frou Frou - Psychobabble

Frou Frou PsychobabbleFrou Frou. We never knew you. This band was a collaboration between the vocals of Imogen Heap and the production of Guy Sigsworth. Their music, though well received, flopped pretty badly, and they disbanded the project to concentrate on on other musical attempts. Then the movie Garden State, directed by Zach 'Zac' Braff, comes along and features the song 'Let Go'. Everyone piles onto the internet looking for them and finds their site and the news of their untimely demise (artistically). Anyways. That's the history. Psychobabble is one of their darkest songs, but is still accessible, with a beautiful Indian strings instrumental break. Try Frou Frou. Though we're unlikely to get any new material from them, we can still appreciate what they produced when they were around. Some lyrics:

If love is surrender / Then whose war is it anyway? / Do just what I tell you / And no one will get hurt / Don't come any closer / 'Cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two
P.S. Another one of their songs, Maddening Shroud might be a lovely song for your Christmas party playlist. Just a little tip from your friendly play new songs (it has some lovely bells in it).

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Madonna - Hung Up

Madonna Hung UpOne reviewer called this song 'foxy', and we would have to agree. Madonna's new single tells the story of a lover who never called back. In Hung Up, she shouts:

I can't keep on waiting for you /I know that you're still hesitating / Don't cry for me / 'cause I'll find my way / you'll wake up one day / but it'll be too late
She takes his call near the end of the song and tells him where to stick his relationship:
Stick your relationship somewhere where even ANTS couldn't find it. Like in a volcano. A volcano that's EXPLODING. I'm goddamn MADONNA!!! I do the dumping around here!!!! Bye.
Note: that last bit was a lie. It's a good song.

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Wednesday, November 16

Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us

Mariah Carey Don't Forget About UsThis feels like 90s R&B come back to haunt us. In this single, Mariah recollects a previous relationship and although the guy is now with someone else, the lyrics are very clear:

Nothing can compare to your first true love / So I hope this will remind you / When it's for real it's forever / So don't forget about us
Not a huge leap for Mariah, one critic said: "On its own, "Forget" is a soulful, satisfying track, but it suggests that Carey has hit a creative wall." We have to agree.

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Heard Em Say - Kanye West feat. Adam Levine

Kanye West Adam Levine Heard Em SayHow does Kanye West top the understated cool of 'Gold Digger' featuring Jamie Foxx? The short answer: he doesn't try. Instead, Mr. West's new single takes a departure into more reflective territory, featuring Adam Levine's wonderful vocals. The lyrics talk of low-wage living, cigarette addiction, the government, among many other things. The original video, filmed by Michel Gondry who directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was scrapped at the last minute and replaced by a hand-drawn animation by Bill Plympton. There has been no official word as to why this was.

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Wednesday, November 9


That's it, folks, this site is finished... and moving to a brand new shiny domain! Update your bookmarks to playnewsongs.com. Kind of rolls off the tongue, don't it? Hope to see you there, we have many new features in store!

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Monday, November 7

Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me

Keith Urban - You'll Think of MeCountry / Anyone just stumbling across this page from a Google search: Keith Urban is NOT urban. Seriously. He's sugary and cuddly and emotional and all that stuff. And he is Australian. This song is about someone who broke up with him. 'You'll Think of Me', he is saying. 'You Heartless Wench, You Ruined Me and I Can't Stop Crying', he doesn't add (though that may have improved things). See his official site below.

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David Banner - Play

David Banner - PlayRap / The Mississippi rapper is back with his biggest hit so far. The reason for this is due to the radio-friendly nature of the (edited version of the) song and the MTV-friendly nature of the video. The lyrics are still thought through, and the album, Certified, contains many of the deeper tracks that fans have come to expect from David Banner. It should be pointed out, though, that the version of 'Play' on the album is much more dirty (I mean, dirrty) than the one you'll hear on the radio on the way to the shops with your folks. Just a heads up.

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Tuesday, November 1

Nelly - Fly Away

Nelly Fly AwayHip-Hop / Ashanti's current squeeze Nelly releases his latest which is also part of the soundtrack from Adam Sandler's latest train-wreck 'The Longest Yard'. It's a slower number from Nelly, and actually is about being locked up (like the film) and what he would do if he was given another chance outside. Check it out on his site below.

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Monday, October 24

Ryan Cabrera - Shine On

Ryan Cabrera Shine OnPop / Ryan Cabrera is a very serious kind of singer. Lots of strained voices, sharp breathing in and out, and it always sounds like he about to burst into tears. You wouldn't see his ex-ladyfriend bursting into tears, would you? No, exactly. We quite like this track, though, quite poppy and fun. Just chill out a bit, Ryan. See his site below.

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Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend

Ashlee SimpsonPop / Well, welcome back Ash, how's it going? Just heard your new song, Boyfriend. We liked it. You sound cool. We always liked you better than your sister. We are linking to your video below. Please don't beat us up.

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Gavin DeGraw - Follow Through

Gavin DeGraw Follow ThroughPop / Gavin sounds a bit like Adam Levine from Maroon 5, so that's a good thing. Follow Through, unfortunately, is nothing like a Maroon 5 song. It's not fun, it's not infectious, it's not catchy. Still, it has an OK chorus, but there's no feeling there. Pop songs can have feeling, you just have to try. Still might be worth checking out his album, Chariot. A short clip is below if you want to judge for yourself.

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Sunday, October 23

Frankie J - More Than Words

Frankie J More Than WordsPop / Super Frank covers an old Extreme song after his last release, How to Deal. It's not horrible, Frankie has a good range, but he has an inability to a hold a note in one place. It's warbling, and it gets really annoying, especially at the higher end of the scale. If this was a cover that did something different, then the fact that he's singing it differently would be good. The fact that this is 99% identical to the original makes it look pretty bad when compared to it. Sorry, Frankie. His website's below.

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Pretty Ricky - Your Body

Pretty Ricky Your BodyR&B / So, yes, they have an awful name, but then these R&B boy bands always have awful names, it's like a rule or something. This track hasn't been as big a hit as "Grind With Me" which reached number 4 in the US hot 100 but it is still an OK track. Apart from the lyrics. These kidz are saying things like "get a taste of the salami", which, considering the target market for these bands is 14 year old girls, is pretty inappropriate. Unless they're actually talking about making sandwiches. In which case that is fine. Check their site below.

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If You Were Mine - Marcos Hernandez

Marcos Hernandez If You Were MinePop / Ok so here's the deal. Marcos Hernandez was discovered by Vanilla Ice manager Tommy Quon (doesn't he look like Vanilla Ice?!!?). This is what it says on Wikipedia, and that's always true, right? Anyway, while 'If You Were Mine' doesn't quite live up to the greatness of an initial release that 'Ice Ice Baby' reached, it is still a good pop record. We wait for more from the 23 year old. And more from Vanilla Ice (hey, we can dream, right?) Check out the official site below.

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Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Gorillaz Feel Good IncHip-Hop / It's no secret that we love the Gorillaz here in PNS towers. This was the first song released from their 'Demon Days' album and was the most successful until their next single, which was even better. What is the song about? It has been alleged that the 'Feel Good Inc' is the media and the line "lining them up like ass-cracks" refers to the singles played over and over again on radio stations. Watch the video for Feel Good Inc. below and judge for yourself.

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The Click Five - Just The Girl

The Click Five Just The GirlPop-Rock / These squeaky clean MIT boys are making waves with their first track 'Just the Girl', written by Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne. They have toured as the support act for Ashlee Simpson (imagine being the support act for Ashlee Simpson?!) and are living up their 6 months of fame. Will it last? Only time can tell. Check out their official site below.

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