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Tuesday, December 27

R. Kelly feat. Sean Paul & Akon - "Slow Wind (Remix)"

R Kelly R. Kelly ain't ever going away Just forget it. It doesn't matter what the hell he may or may not do, or who he may or may not marry, he'll always be around. Even if he's not there, he'll be writing half the songs on the chart. And he's back, this time with Sean 'Dutty' Paul and Akon 'I don't have a second name because I'm that cool', for a crazy six-legged r&b race to the end of the song. Of course, the point about these races is that you're tied together with rope so you end up falling over. No one wins. Especially not the public who have been forced to watch three grown men crying on the still-dewey grass of a suburban lawn. Let's get to the lyrics:

With all that meat hangin' girl, I feel like a butcha,
Just wanna chop you up and cut ya.
What's that about? Have they run out of ways to put words together to make a rap? "Just wanna chop you up and cut ya"? These three are nuttier than a bag of Planters.

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